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Probably the last English novelist to be born by the light of a paraffin lamp, Paul Hoffman spent much of his childhood on airfields all around the world watching his father – a pioneer of sports parachuting – jumping out of aeroplanes. He witnessed his first death at the age of six when one of his father’s friends was killed in an attempt to discover how near the ground he could open his parachute … read more

Is This The face of The Hanged Redeemer?

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The Beating Of His Wings

Published on: 15 August 2013

The final novel in The Left Hand of God trilogy sees Thomas Cale locked in the ward of a lunatic asylum and descending into madness. However, his greatest enemy, life itself, has more horrors in store for him in the shape of the hideous Kevin Meatyard, the murderous Two Trevors, and the priest at the root of all his suffering, Pope Redeemer Bosco.

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It seems that some translations did not include all the acknowledgements describing the origins of some of the material in the books. All three are published here.

The Wisdom of Crocodiles

‘Brilliant … utterly intoxicating … Hoffman has set himself an awesome task, nothing less than a general theory of everything’

The Independent On Sunday

‘This is fiction on a grand and ambitious scale… inspires sensations of terror, nausea, bemusement and exhilaration.’

The Daily Telegraph

‘But is it actually any good? Fortunately, yes. It’s very good indeed.’

The Guardian

‘This is the most horrible book I ever read… I tore it up.’

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