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Skeletons in a mass burial at the Rotunda in The Sanctuary

Skeletons in mass burial

Mass burial at The Rotunda in The Sanctuary

Two views of the nearly four hundred skeletons buried at the bottom of what has plausible been identified as ‘The Rotunda’ on the lower western edge of The Sanctuary. All the skeletons so far have shown they died by means of a single cut to the throat, probably from behind. With the exception of the numbers the method of their deaths is consistent with the description of the ‘accidental’ executions of the 299 Redeemers in ‘The House of Special Purpose’ outlined in the second Cale text. Excavation may indicate that the 299 were thrown on top of older burials. This illustrates the difficulty of using a fictional text of (understandably) erratic accuracy for archeological purposes.

Sagittal White–Ray section of skeleton 24 removed from pit in ‘The Rotunda’.
This reveals reveals a wide and deep wound in the throat of the victim, probably caused by a sharp blade – and which could have caused immediate death.